Time! Do you have time…?

We have plenty of unfairness in this world, but we all have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until our last breath of life.

How do we choose to spend our time?

We can pick and choose anything we want to do– or not do.  To run out of things to fill our time is hard to do.  We can plan our shopping, go to get groceries, cook dinner, knit, sew, tidy the house, mop the floors, do laundry, chop wood, change the curtains, dust the shelves, clean the bathrooms, change the beds or vacuum.

We can play with the kids or read them a story.  Maybe play a board game or play hide-and-seek.  We can visit our old parents, our siblings, friends, or go to see people we know or don’t know yet.  If we have a garden we can plant, weed, mow the lawn, rake, and make it look beautiful.  We can paint, put up wallpaper, tear down and re-decorate the living room,  fix the inside or outside of the house.  We can wash, polish, rub and shine the car, boat or motorcycle

We can sleep, mope, or slouch. Take a shower, have a bath, put on lotion, shave both legs and moustaches.  Try all the clothes in the wardrobe and pretend the living room is a catwalk.  We can write, read, study, exercise, work out or dance tango or waltz.  The list is endless.

So we spend our time.  Some of the time doing what we feel like and some of it doing what are expected of us.  Some of it we choose to do, some of it everybody thinks we should do. All the way we make our own decisions.  Every tiny little thing we spend our time doing is our choice.  We are lucky.  We have a choice.  We can choose to do what is good for us – or somebody else, to do what is second best or nothing at all.  We can chose to close our eyes, ears and heart for what goes on around us or we can choose to care.  We can choose to spend all our time on ourselves, on others – or a little bit of both.  We can even choose whether to stay in bed or get up in the mornings, today and the rest of the week.

Unless we are tied up, gagged or confined.  Unless we have a serious disease, are hurt or wounded.

In these cases the choices are limited.

My son is «tied up», «gagged» and «confined». He is seriously ill. His choices are limited – very limited.  Nevertheless he has not run out of things to fill his time.  His list is long too.  He has the same 24 hours, 7 days a week.  He cannot choose how to fill all this time.  He cannot do everything he wants; he can barely do anything that he wants.  The chains that restrict him are invisible.  The bars of his seclusion cell are not closed or even locked, the door is wide open.  He is in an open prison.  Sometimes he chooses to go out in the “yard”   His chains and gag are on!  Out in the open – still a prisoner.  His confinement will be prolonged, his cell even darker, and his chains even heavier afterwards.

When he can no longer choose – who takes responsibility to make his hours, days, weeks and years worth living?  When he cannot choose to meet friends at the shopping center after school – or even attend school for that matter…

When he cannot choose to read, play, visit grandparents or friends, – when he cannot choose to participate in the sport he loves, or work on his car, or his motorcycle… – who is responsible to fill his moments with something meaningful?

Go to bed, close the door, turn off the lights, put earmuffs on.

Time flies! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
Last year, this year – next year?


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