«Now we need politicians, health and research authorities to rethink and use the resources to research that could solve the whole ME riddle. Too much time and money has gone into pursuing the wrong track.» 

Employees in the Norwegian welfare system (Nav) are asked to discriminate against ME patients: – Symbolic burn marking  , says Fafo reseacher Anne Kielland. (June 2022)

19 applications for ME research

Video with David Tuller from IACFS/ME: Says scientists must do their bit to make sure the PACE is withdrawn. (Norwegian subtitles)
Parents united

132 ME parents responds to Legal Hearing on Carer’s Allowance System!

Undocumented treatments have led to some of the worst disasters in the history of medicine. Prof. Saugstad in leading Norwegian newspaper July 14th 2015, Our translation.

Letter to King Harald of Norway from Martin and 58 other young people with M.E.

We have translated a chronicle from leading Norwegian newspaper ‘Aftenposten’ by six professors: The ME sufferers deserve serious Research (PDF) 

«Being the mother of two children with ME is both demanding and lonely. But this is not the most difficult part of it.»
We have translated an interview with a mum of two children with ME from a Norwegian newspaper to English.

Our Comment on the Clonidine trial published 2014.02.03. Written by an ME mun who’s also an MD. Children with ME as test subjects – an ethical warning

A lot has happened in the almost four months since the first blog post was posted. Our voices are being heard. We also have a new photo on the blog header. Isn’t it nice?

Fundraising to help a 14-year old girl who suffers from severe ME who is forced to undergo treatment of sensory stimulation and in need of legal help. This blog post is to inform about the situation, not to start fundraising abroad.

Maria Gjerpe, the brain behind MEandYou, who last year managed to secure funding for rituximab trial, is in the finals for the award «health activist hero»! Congratulations and the best of luck winning it! 🙂

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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