Part of the story

In those days …
Early in the summer almost three years ago I realized that the small lump I had felt in my right breast would not disappear all by itself.

From this day I lived in a «bubble» for a long time.

Two months passed.  Doctor’s appointments, ultra sound scans, mammography, tissue samples, then finally I had surgery.  Two months filled with worry, fright and uneasiness.  I pondered over life, death and what is important and what is not important.

I realized that I was lucky.  I have had a life.  I have lived in one of the world’s best countries.  I grew up with good, loving  parents.  I have three wonderful children, and I have a husband whom I love.

And I made a promise;

If I survive this, I will use my time helping somebody who needs it!

I had surgery, chemotherapy and I survived!

The last chemotherapy was 3rd day of Christmas.  Then I was going to enjoy the days, celebrate New Year and I was to travel by the bus “Health Express” to have radiation treatment at the hospital for 7 1/2 weeks.

Then something happened

A couple of days into this new year, my son got sick.  He had the “flu”.  The fact that this «flu» didn’t pass was the subject in an earlier blog post.  We used a long time to figure this out, what it was and how to handle it as well as possible.  From that time he was absent from school and lost contact with the outside world. – I have written about this as well.  His confirmation in May was cancelled.  – I will tell that part of the story later.

One thing that I didn’t cancel was my promise!
I was going to spend my time helping somebody who needed me.  It happened to be my own son.  I had planned to help someone outside the family, someone in great need.  This did not happen.  It was to be him and me.  You cannot always choose who to help.   But you can choose whether or not to help.

I had made a choice.

I had made a promise.


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