Doctors appointment

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I need that when I go to see the doctor
the doctor can tell me
what she thinks
will I get well?
can I do something to get well?
or doesn’t she know what to think of this either?

I need the doctor I meet
to say what she thinks
to make me wiser
because in my mind when I am sick all there is, is chaos

When my child has to go to the hospital
my child needs to know
what are they going to do?
why do they need to do this?
the boy wonders if he is going to get well now
or doesn’t the doctor know either?

We need to know what the doctor thinks
because in the boy’s mind there is chaos, fear and doubt
is it wise to eat special foods?
or maybe not?
is it wise to take all those pills?
or maybe not?
what do all those words you say to us really mean?
what are we going to do with all the things you tell us?

I need the doctors we meet
the boy and I
to say to us
it must be bloody awful to feel this sick
my goodness I am so impressed you have had to be so strong!
and I really want to help you, so I would like to do these tests
I do not know if it will help
but let’s try
if you agree of course
or maybe another time when you feel less dizzy?

I need the doctor to say
I do not give up on you
I am a doctor and you are sick
I want to help you
ease your pain
make it easier for you to live
I see that your life is miserable
and I’d rather just turn away, but I don’t
I see you and I see your reality

This is the doctor I need to sit by
until the next patient is late
and I need to cry silently
and for a moment I feel seen

By a mother
Originalen på Norsk

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