Dear Doctor

Kind teachers want to do their best
Headmasters need their reports
The doctor, scratching his head,
Says:  Fortunately I’ll soon be retiringlege litt rar

You say you hurt
You say you are in pain
But I can’t see it I try to measure it – in vain

You say you need to lie down in the dark
But you look so healthy standing
Here in my office today

Let’s let in some sunshine
Let’s have some joy

I answer through my tears
I’ve heard this so often before
Fighting the urge to scream and run out of the door

I say: Dear Doctor
Although I’m sure you mean well
If I was not sick, I’d have so much to do, a life to live
And I’d never have come to see you.

By Henny
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We’re so lucky to have our Twitter contact MEisnotCFS help us translate and adapt this poem to English. He says: «Please send my best wishes to all in Norway with ME & their families.» Please follow on Twitter!


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