Chronic flu

As a part of parenthood every parent at one point has experienced that a child has become ill.   Chicken pox, the flu, stomach flu or headaches.  So did we.  Vomiting, belly ache, headache, fever, you name it.  Repeatedly over the years with three kids.  This seemed like familiar territory when my youngest at 14 caught what I thought was a bad case of the flu.

New Years Eve had just passed, when my son felt it hit him.  Violent headache, fever, chills, aching body, enormous thirst, loss of appetite, stomach pain, noise sensitivity, light sensitivity.  The smallest task, like moving from bed to bathroom took all his strength and made all these symptoms worse. Influenza!  Those of us who have been sick with the flu recognize the symptoms.  The problem was that this influenza did not pass.  The boy has now had “the flu” for 22 months!

Before «the flu»:

The boy loved playing football.  He loved playing football so much he almost brought the ball to bed with him.  He didn’t just have one football, he had several.  A day without football was a boring day.  Sometimes his friends had other plans, then he played against the garage door.  The first thing he did coming home from school was to switch his school bag with his football.  Yes, he did well in school.  He was “sick and tired” of school of course, like most teenagers, but he was still good at it.  His mind worked fast and logical.  He reasoned wisely and his teachers praised him for his maturity and knowledge.

The football has not been touched for 22 months.  The same goes for his school books.  No, he is not tired.  No, he is not depressed.  No, he has not lost his appetite for football, school or the rest of his life.  His hunger for it all persists.  But he still has this horrible flu!


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