Sometimes I need to rest.  If I got up extra early one morning, had a busy day at work, or if I just were at home on standby with my son.  Whatever the reason, my head is tired.  My head says stop.  My head needs rest.  What do I do?

What do you do?

Do you crash on the sofa, in a comfy chair or maybe on the bed – in front of the tv with the remote within reach, or the laptop on your belly, or the tablet on your knees (for those more technically advanced than I)? I wouldn’t be surprised.  You relax then, don’t you? Zap, zap through the channels.  Checking out at least 20 channels, not remembering what is on.  Maybe you happen to find something “light”.  A program you can watch without thinking.  Back to the computer then, clicking and «liking» every picture and status people post, showing everybody «Yes, I am still hanging in here  Do you see that I see you?»  Then you can read the news.  Scrolling down to find an article that looks interesting enough to bother reading. Maybe it teaches you a bit about life?  Or probably not!  Most probably not!  Finally you find a game, click, click without thinking.  Or you find an online shop and scroll through what they offer, check out the travel agencies, or watch a sport of some kind.  You do not have to use your body, you do not have to use your head even!  You rest, relax, detach.

What if resting is all you can do?  You are bored.  After watching all the episodes of your favourite soap – 15 seasons? – all the episodes of “Friends” – and far into “How I met your mother” or “King of Queens” for that matter, you might start to be a bit bored.  Can you imagine doing just that?

Work did not make you tired. You are already there.
Excercise did not make you tired. You are already there.
You are not going for a walk that will make you tired.  You are already there.
You are not going shopping, getting groceries, visiting offices, running errands, studying, redecorating, working in the garden, mowing the lawn or shovelling the snow.  You are already tired.  All the time.

When reading is impossible, because after five lines you have lost it.  When music is impossible because the sounds hurt your body.  When receiving visitors is impossible because you cannot keep up a conversation more than three sentences  or concentrate on the theme and follow the logic for more than five minutes.   When you cannot play board games or card games because being present knocks you out.  When all enjoyable things you can do with your body are impossible, because somthing knocks you off your feet and puts a bag over your head before ten minutes has passed.  (the bag stays on and the feet are giddy for a long time too) Then what? What is left to do?  Other than to «rest» in front of the tv, computer or tablet?  I know of one thing!   Staring into thin air!!

Maybe you have a good solution to «Mom, I am soooo bored!  What am I going to do?»

By  H. R.

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