A young hero

Truls, a young boy of 12 years, has ME. Because of his ME, Truls is rarely able to leave home.  But when his doctor Kristian Sommerfelt asked for his help in educating medical students, Truls didn’t hesitate at all. He agreed to join Sommerfelt’s lecture. «We need more doctors like Kristian» Truls says, «and so I have to explain to them what this is all about».

Truls’ mother, Sigrid, was present at the lecture. «It all went really well, and it was a good experience for Truls. I have to say this again and again – Kristian Sommerfelt is a unique doctor.”

Today’s lecture was attended by medical students. Sommerfelt did an interview of Truls, as he explained what it is like to be a child suffering from ME.

Kristian Sommerfelt talking with Truls

Kristian Sommerfelt and Truls discussed Truls’ huge interest in composing music. Truls explained how he uses less energy making music alone, as opposed to in a group, and how he misses hanging out with his friends. He also explained how he can compose music in his mind but not be able to record, play or write the music down.

Truls is crystal clear in that others need to learn more about ME.

The students asked if Truls had any final words of advice to them. «Yes», he answered. «Even though I am like this, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to [do things]. I want to all the time, and that makes me do way too much, and I get a lot sicker. I am worse for hours, days and maybe weeks. I have a serious disease.»

Kristian Sommerfelt was very happy with his patient after the lecture. «He is my hero! He was crystal clear today. They will never forget him. He helped a lot of other patients today.»

The ME parents agree with dr Sommerfelt, thank you Truls!

Med Sommerfelt og legestudentene


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